viernes, 21 de octubre de 2011

Coca cola y cipreses

                                Músico callejero 12,5X12,5 cm Acrílico sobre taba,
                              Paloma  12,5X12,5 cm Acrílico sobre taba,
                                 Born to be pink, 6X6" 15,2X15,2cm Acrílico sobre tabla
                                 Lata aplastada  6X6" 15,2X15,2cm Acrílico sobre tabla
                                    Bote pesquero 11,1X22,2 cm Acrílico sobre tabla
                                   Campo de flores  6X6" 15,2X15,2cm Acrílico sobre tabla
                                Los dos cipreses  6X6" 15,2X15,2cm Acrílico sobre tabla

2 comentarios:

  1. Hello Victor! I have been following your work on DPW, and I am so impressed! I think it was the blue kitchen that originally caught my eye - also your wonderful orange van - love that one!
    Keep it up - it's a joy to watch you paint. I love what you are doing now with portraits. I was surprised to see that you paint in acrylic. I had painted for years in acrylic and never got the pureness of color that you have. I was led to believe that oil was the secret to rich, beautiful colors, so I switched to oils. But since then I have learned that the medium has nothing to do with it - the secret is skill and a practiced eye, and having a ton of talent doesn't hurt! :) Thank you for showing me that - I will keep practicing, and keep checking your blog for inspiration! ♥

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